Information for Parents

4-H'ers at Camp

As a parent expect your child to have a safe and happy camp experience. Thoroughly modern facilities include many safety features such as smoke alarms in each sleeping room and fire retardant mattresses. The kitchen and dining hall pass all Health Department inspections with good marks. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture’s Safety Officer inspects all camp facilities and helps keep them clear of hazards. Our camp is accredited by the American Camp Association which has very strict requirements. No one can guarantee that your child will not get hurt, but we do all we can to minimize the risks at the 4-H center. 

There is a first-aid station located on the campgrounds, and local hospitals provide care in case of an emergency.  A certified LPN is employed by the 4-H Center.  Medications for allergies and other illnesses are kept in a safe location and monitored by adults.  It is the responsibility of the parents to notify 4-H agents of any medical conditions which may apply to their child. 

Professional and summer staff receive training in first-aid, safety procedures and program areas. There is one volunteer leader for every 8 campers in addition to county agents and center staff. A lifeguard and two adult chaperones for each 50 campers are on duty in the pool area.

You are encouraged to write your child at camp. To ensure that each camper receives their mail while they are here at camp, please address envelopes with the following information (Home County is the county the camper is attending camp with):

Camper Rec Mail

Please do not call your child at camp or instruct her/him to call you. If an emergency arises, you may reach you county extension agent through the camp office (423) 639-3811.
Help your child pack for camp, but let her/him help also. They like to decide what they need, and they have to pack to come home. They need to know what is theirs and how to fit it into their bag. Please mark all items so staff will be able to tell “who it belongs to” at the end of camp. It is the camper’s responsibility to pick-up or pay for the expense of shipping items left at camp. Anything left at camp more than a week after the camper departs will be donated to a local charity. 

Your camper will be expected to attend activities as scheduled. There is a variety of classes that offer flexibility and choice of activities. 

We want camp to be an enjoyable time for all, parents included.

4-H'ers Woodworking at Camp